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At Lyxel, we are a marketing first company. It is important to create an immersive marketing experience for customers to help them engage better with the brands. At the core of our offerings, we offer 4 broad solution themes to help marketers run successful digital media campaigns.

Digital Asset Creation

Digital media assets comes in all packets. We help our clients build new age websites, social media presence, campaign micro-sites, social apps, mobile apps that help them offer an immersive brand experience for their customers. The millennial customer is constantly seeking validation of her choices and in the evolution of the consumer lifecycle, a digital touchpoint experience precedes a physical interaction with the brand. We build the digital brand storefront. because, that is really the start of the customer journey and well begun is more than half done.

Digital Media

We are a multi-platform digital media specialist. We help clients meet their objectives of building a top of the mind recall through our media capabilities that include 'Opportunity to see' and 'Opportunity to hear' the brand. Our media approach is firmly rooted in KPIs that go beyond impressions and deliver business-relevant metrics like new audience discovery, engagement of existing customers, quality and quantity of visitors to digital assets, social media reach etc. At Lyxel, we run digital media campaigns that are able to deliver high brand reach, recall and ROI on marketing spends. With a mix of our proprietary programmatic ad-serving complemented with our certified team of experts that can manage third party platforms like Google search and Facebook.

Audience Data

Lyxel helps clients understand their audience better. With our proprietary LyxelData platform, we help understand your website, social media and app audience better. This helps us gain useful insights about audience behaviour, devices, interest categories and non-private information that can help us target relevant audience pool while designing media campaign.

Engagement with Captive Audience

One of the biggest under-utilized assets for all marketers is their proprietary database of clients, leads, channel partners and other associates that they should could engage with on a frequent basis. We run comprehensive programs on multiple platforms to help them engage with the digital assets more meaningfully through our services in mailer marketing and retargeting to drive the website visitors back to the digital assets on a more frequent basis.

About Us

We are a Marketing Technology company. We were created out of a simple insight that world over, people are spending lesser time in consuming content in printed or TV-broadcast format and more time in front of their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The new age consumer is discerning, tends to explore more before deciding and hence, is better informed. It is imperative for brands to reach out to this consumer in a digital surround-sound environment that can help a customer feel the brand better and choose the one that really fits well with her lifestyle, her attitude and her rational mind. Hence, we are NOT an esoteric media program that is built on single-agenda mindset of creating more impressions without truly understanding the ethos that the brand stands for. We think like a consulting company, build a campaign like a marketing agency and execute programmatically with precision to create a more cohesive digital engagement for our clients. We focus on client success first and use technology and creative skills as tools to showcase our strength and not the other way round. We would like to be known for our ability to imagine and execute unique-voice-of-brand campaigns through a mix of our tehnology, media buying, creative and analytics capabilities.

  • Our Mission

    We are on a mission to help our people and our client businesses realize their potential. We think it’s a great idea to help small and large businesses find their feet in the brave new digital world and grow their footprints as they evolve their products and service offerings to suit the ever-evolving consumer matrix.

  • Vision

    We have a vision of building a unique ecosystem of digital products and services offerings that can be deployed by brands to communicate better with their existing clients and prospects and also discover new customers. As a 3-year old company, we are focused on our vision for 2020 to cross $100mn of revenues with offices in at least 20 cities and maintain our positive profit and cash flow run-rate. But more importantly, we should continue to be an organization that is steeped in an entrepreneurial culture where employees love to innovate new technology products and we are known as a great place to work.

  • For Publishers

    We help publishers monetize their inventory by integrating the same on our programmatic RTB (Real Time Bid) Engine and also manage their independent media sales through our ad-server. Please connect with us to know more about our offerings and how we can help you extract better revenues from your media inventory. Please reach us at publisher@lyxellabs.com

  • For Clients

    Luxury and Mass Affluent Audience

    Indian demography has undergone a sea change owing to wider economic prosperity and the disposable income of families, especially in urban centers has improved considerably. We work with several Luxury and Mass Affluent brands helping them identify their audience and build sharper digital media campaigns for them.

  • For Clients


    We work with several brands in the B2B and B2B2C segment helping them discover, connect and engage with their channel partners, clients, Industry specialists. Digital media offers promising solutions in this category because the spill is the lowest when compared to any other form of advertising leading to higher RoI.

  • For Clients

    Women Audience

    The new age Indian women is tech savvy, opinionated and is ready to explore more before taking per pick. We work with several brands where we help them create campaigns targeted to reach out to women audience on internet, be in via mobile or desktop.

  • For Clients

    Some of the clients we work for are Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Global companies with presence in India, One of the largest FMCG brands, Luxury fashion brands, one of the largest private universities in India, Globally recognized footwear brand, Globally recognized outdoor sports equipment brand, biggest watch brand in Europe.

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Our Amazing Team

The one thing that is common across all our people is their passion to drive marketing success for our clients. When your mission is to help people realise their potential, then the only true driver that helps people in their journey is their own passion. We have helped many of our associates discover their true passion that has led them to create not only truly innovative products but also incrementally do the same things more efficiently, differently or beautifully!

Dev Batra

Founder and Chief Evangelist

Shreyansh Bhandari

Chief Executive Officer

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Director, People Strategy

Abhishek Bhardwaj

Head Of Media Operations

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